Energy Attunement Session

Everything in the Universe is information, energy, and matter. Energy moves matter that is created by information that is express through motions. Motions is express in wave. We can see when energy is stagnant as in a pond, the water become putrid, and murky. All functions of the human body requires energy. Thus, when we eat, drink, sleep, exercise, and exposing to sunlight, they are all form of helping our body generate energy so we can carry out our day to day tasks. Our body can experience low, stagnant, or drained energy from our daily lifestyle habit, injury, or stress. Energy attunement helps re-balance the energy center (chakra), clear spaces within the body, and recharge the cells through guided meditation, practical tools, and Dragon Energy infusement. A unique energy blend which Dr. Jeudi have formulated from years of research, training, and hands on practice. Since we are energy being, every time our battery become low, stagnant, or drained, our ability to perform our day-to-day task such as concentration, focus, think, work, etc., becomes limited by physical discomfort, brain fog, or lack of motivation. Clearing the energy stagnation within the cells, organs, body space and field will allow for optimal flow of life force so you can be at your best performance in all aspect of life.

1 Session 1 Hour:


  • Energy Flow Assessment
  • Energy Attunement: Removing Energy Stagnation, Rebalance the energy flow
  • Guided Meditation: Reconnect the soul, mind and body to release unwanted wounds.

Clients have reported benefits from having the Energy Attunement

  • Increase in energy
  • More mobility
  • Improve immunity
  • Becoming more relax
  • Relieving physical challenges

People who have worked with Dr Jeudi have said:

“I’ve been navigating some complicated situations recently and Jeudi was quick to respond and help. She provided the space for me to unpack, and process the overwhelm of what I was experiencing with great empathy. With her compassion, guidance and humor she helped me realize my ability to change my awareness to foster meaningful changes. I am grateful for her commitment to help me on this path.” – GJ

“I was at a point in my life where I felt lost and stuck and knew I needed to make changes. Through synchronicities, I connected with Dr. Boulom and started coaching sessions. She helped me to develop a deeper connection to spirit and and helped me to learn how to trust my inner guidance and the universe. I now, have a clearer idea of my life’s purpose and have the motivation and the tools to help get me there. This experience has been such a blessing and I see the affects of it in my life everyday. It was a huge turning point for me and I am so grateful for Jeudi and everything we accomplished during our sessions. She truly is a wonderful soul!” – Lauren P

“I am so thankful for Tao Hands Technology! Two weeks ago, my daughters both contracted RSV. My youngest was having a very hard time breathing, and her oxygen saturation was in the mid-eighties. After taking her to the hospital twice for breathing treatments, which helped temporarily but did not last, Dr. Jeudi Boulom reached out to me. She offered a  remote Tao Hands Technology energy rebalancing for us, and within a few hours my daughter began to breathe more easily. Her healing definitely sped up, and she quickly got back to her sweet energetic self. Thank you, Dr. Boulom!” E.J