My name is Dr. Jeudi Boulom.  I am a Life Transformation Coach, energy practitioner, author, and holistic chiropractor.  

During my clinical practice of over 28 years as a  holistic chiropractor, I realized that the pain my patients were experiencing was just the surface of deeper underlying issues that needed to be addressed. Many of the patients sought different modalities of treatment but were not successful until the root cause was removed which helped them to live a happier, more active, and meaningful life. Therefore, I have committed myself to helping empower clients to clear the root cause of their life challenges with the proper tools and wisdom through my holistic coaching, and energy rebalancing practice so they can unleash the untapped, full potential of who they are meant to be and live an active life without limitation. 

 I offer personal life coaching, spiritual coaching, group coaching, and energy rebalancing. You can also book me for a speaking engagement

I invite you to take this journey with me and discover what has been laying dormant within you.

Are you ready to radiate up?

Let’s dive deep to uncover your true nature and path together.

Uproot Hidden Challenges.

Through over 28 years of clinical experience and with my unique ability to read energy, I have help guided many to unlock the root cause of their discomforts so that they can become successful in their journey to self healing.

I will work with you to discover the underlining root cause of your challenges by tapping into the energetic field of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

Restructure Realigning

I spent years researching and understanding the human body both physical and its energetic field in order to develop the tools and protocols to help my clients resolve their challenges and be empowered to self-heal.

Once you identify the root cause of your life challenge. I will provide you step by step protocol and I will guide you and walk with you through the process. With each step you will become more confident as you will see the changes taken place.

Finding Joy in Your Creation

Now that you have aligned with your true-nature, ideas and messages become clearer to you. This alignment to your true-nature allows you to navigate through life effortlessly.

I will guide you through a step by step on how to manifest your ideas and creations and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life.

Equip Yourself With Tools

Dr. Jeudi has made me think twice about what I put in my body. She has taught me about the value of exercise, not only to look good but to remove toxins from my body, and she has provided additional information about how exercise works directly to improve health. While I might not go so far as some of her chiropractic clients in calling her an angel, I say bless Dr. Jeudi for her caring attitude and may her leadership example inspire us all.
- Tyler R.

A good read, a good resource, and a good delivery style...what more could you want in a health resource?
- Shannon

Inviting You To Discover Your True Potential

“I’ve been navigating some complicated situations recently and Jeudi was quick to respond and help. She provided the space for me to unpack, and process the overwhelm of what I was experiencing with great empathy. With her compassion, guidance and humor she helped me realize my ability to change my awareness to foster meaningful changes. I am grateful for her commitment to help me on this path.” – GJ

“I was at a point in my life where I felt lost and stuck and knew I needed to make changes. Through synchronicities, I connected with Dr. Boulom and started coaching sessions. She helped me to develop a deeper connection to spirit and and helped me to learn how to trust my inner guidance and the universe. I now, have a clearer idea of my life’s purpose and have the motivation and the tools to help get me there. This experience has been such a blessing and I see the affects of it in my life everyday. It was a huge turning point for me and I am so grateful for Jeudi and everything we accomplished during our sessions. She truly is a wonderful soul!” – Lauren P

“I am so thankful for Tao Hands blessings(feel free to change that if it’s not the correct verbiage)! Two weeks ago, my daughters both contracted RSV. My youngest was having a very hard time breathing, and her oxygen saturation was in the mid-eighties. After taking her to the hospital twice for breathing treatments, which helped temporarily but did not last, Dr. Jeudi Boulom reached out to me. She did remote blessings for us, and within a few hours my daughter began to breathe more easily. Her healing definitely sped up, and she quickly got back to her sweet energetic self. Thank you, Dr. Boulom!” E.J